Evoking Kerouac: Dumbsaint's Cinematic Opus 'Panorama, in Ten Parts'

Evoking Kerouac: Dumbsaint's Cinematic Opus 'Panorama, in Ten Parts'

By Tristan Kneschke

27 Mar 2017 // 2:30 AM

The Australian post-metal band's film conveys a residential underbelly present in David Lynch's films; scenes function as elongations of Edward Hopper's dreary paintings shot through Gregory Crewdson's unsettling lens....

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The Most Hated Woman in America: An Interview With Filmmakers Irene Turner and Tommy O'Haver

By N. A. Cordova

21 Mar 2017 // 8:40 AM

PopMatters spoke with writer Irene Turner and director Tommy O'Haver during SXSW 2017 about the remarkable life and death of Madalyn Murray O'Hair....

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The Sequel to the Gritty and '90s-Defining 'Trainspotting' Stirs Memories>

The sequel T2 Trainspotting is in theaters, and with it comes a glut of memories from Boyle’s original. ...

Cuban Film Aficionados Can See the Trailer But Not the Movie>

SXSW 2017: Ferguson Documentary's New Footage Sparks Debate>

Denzel Washington Embraces His Role As the flawed Troy Maxson in ‘Fences’ With Fiercenes>

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'Two O'Clock Courage' Is Only a Quarter to Noir

// Short Ends and Leader

"This is a solid minor crime lark that tips its fedora to basic noir tropes.

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