'Le Trou': The Escape Film Under the Microscope

'Le Trou': The Escape Film Under the Microscope

By Chadwick Jenkins

28 Jun 2017 // 2:00 AM

In this classic escape film, Jacques Becker demonstrates that true freedom resides in endeavor. ...

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Bang Bang Bang to the Beat: Edgar Wright on His Musical Approach to Action in Baby Driver

By Bernard Boo

27 Jun 2017 // 9:00 AM

Edgar Wright and Ansel Elgort break down their fresh approach to action in the musically driven, pop-culture infused Baby Driver....

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Playing Tupac's Mom in 'Eyez' Just Expanded the Love Danai Gurira Has For Rapper's Story>

Afeni Shakur was more than just the mother of one of the world’s biggest and, arguably, best, rappers of all time....

How 'Star Wars' Blazed a Path for Filmmakers Across the Galaxy>

Netflix and Amazon Are Using Disparate Strategies With Their War Films This Month>

Laura Poitras Zeroes in on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in the Elusive, Unsettling 'Risk'>

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'Caltiki': The Creeping Blob!

// Short Ends and Leader

"Even at its most creaky in between the hair-raising scenes of queasy ickiness, this movie appeals to style mavens, auteur watchers, and horror historians.

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