'Superman' and 'Superman II': What Is, and What Might Have Been

'Superman' and 'Superman II': What Is, and What Might Have Been

By J.C. Macek III

28 Jul 2015 // 2:30 AM

Superman and Superman II are two of the best films of their kind, but budget and time overruns necessitated a number of changes from the original vision....

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How a Streetwalker Became America’s Sweetheart

By Laura Halferty

27 Jul 2015 // 2:30 AM

Pretty Woman was porn-lite for women long before Fifty Shades of Grey came along, and apparently, it still is....

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'Tour' of Words in the Early World of David Foster Wallace>

Arriving in theaters July 31, The End of the Tour tackles heady subjects like the American penchant for self-distraction, the tango between genius and depression, the role of groupthink in value systems and the powder keg of the mentor-protege relationship....

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'Five Came Back' Is an Unusual and Seminal Suspenser

// Short Ends and Leader

"This film feels like a template for subsequent multi-character airplane-disaster and crash projects, all the way down to Lost.

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