Portrait of a Family in the Throes of Freudian Panic

Portrait of a Family in the Throes of Freudian Panic

By Imran Khan

21 May 2015 // 2:30 AM

An electrifying story of deadly obsessions and poisonous pedagogy, Pin captures perfectly the dread and unease of '80s American suburbia....

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Black Widow and the Burden of Being the Female Avenger

By Shaun Huston

20 May 2015 // 2:30 AM

All too often, when you have a token female in a story, that character's primary super power is simply that she's a girl....

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It's Looking a Lot Like 1982 at the Movies>

If legendary snoozer Rip Van Winkle went to sleep in the spring of 1982 and woke up today, his beard might have stretched a hundred nasty, matted yards, but he’d probably think he had taken only a power nap....

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The 10 Most Ridiculous 'Mad Max' Rip-Offs

// Short Ends and Leader

"Mad Max was a vision so viable it lead to a string of sloppy imitators. Here are 10 films that followed George Miller's post-apocalyptic designs to a fault.

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