40 Nights at the Movies (in the Comfort of Your Home): The Franchise

40 Nights at the Movies (in the Comfort of Your Home): The Franchise

By Michael Barrett

26 Nov 2015 // 10:59 AM

Back by popular demand! Recommendations from "40 Nights at the Movies" will keep you, your dog and your elephant glued to the couch for months. ...

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Ray Harryhausen's Legacy: Monster Movies, Special Effects, and the Sci-Fi Fanzine

By Jason Davis

26 Nov 2015 // 2:00 AM

All of Harryhausen’s invocations of mythical antiquity deserve attention and study, regardless of their fidelity to ancient sources, and despite (or perhaps because of) the rise of 'New Hollywood' and the summer blockbuster....

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The Beautiful, Thrilling 'Carol' Belongs Among Best Movie Love Stories>

This is a love story between two women set at a time and place when that relationship was beyond taboo, but as its bravura filmmaking unfolds, those specifics fade and what remains are the feelings and emotions that all the best movie love stories create....

'Creed' Is the Best Rocky Movie Since 'Rocky'>

Entertainment's Place in Post-Attack Rebuttal>

Despite Some Gains, Female Directors Still Face a Bleak Future in Hollywood>

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Double Take: 'Annie Hall' (1977)

// Short Ends and Leader

"Is love too weak a word to describe how we feel about Annie Hall? Or is it more like a dead shark? Double Take breaks a few eggs to find out.

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