A Separation

'A Separation': A Broad Message Sent via Minimalist Form | 28 Nov 2011 // 4:02 PM

This doesn't offer ‘universal’ and single-minded ‘humanistic’ messages; instead, it reveals that social oppression needs to be understood beyond the oversimplistic dichotomies of good versus evil.

Sydney Film Festival 2011 – 'A Separation' takes the Competition Prize | 27 Jun 2011 // 1:15 AM

A worthy winner – A Separation is an extraordinary piece of work with genuine insights into the society and culture it depicts. It is the crowning jewel in a dazzling selection of films for this year’s Sydney Film Festival.


OSCARWATCH 2012: Foreign Language Films | 23 Feb 2012 // 2:00 AM

While categories like Best Actress and Best Picture have gotten a lot of attention this year, smaller but equally important categories have been a little lost in the shuffle. Among these: Best Foreign Language Film.

The Olden Globes | 16 Jan 2012 // 3:00 AM

Once again, the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press have spoken - and confused the awards season conversation all over again.


As Iran cracks down on filmmakers, ‘A Separation’ rakes in the awards | 23 Jan 2012 // 5:35 AM

MIAMI — Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi chooses his words carefully when talking about how constraints can sometimes fuel creativity. “The belief that limitations create creativity is

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