Another Earth

Summer Movie Preview: July 2011 | 3 May 2011 // 5:00 PM

If automatons are battling genetically altered soldiers, talking animals, extraterrestrials, and cowpokes for box office supremacy, it must be July.


'Another Earth' Effectively Applies More Thought, Less CGI | 9 Jan 2012 // 4:02 PM

While the premise of the movie is quite fantastical, Another Earth strives to be naturalistic.

'Another Earth' Is So Very Indie | 5 Aug 2011 // 1:14 AM

Mike Cahill's Another Earth has the trippy audacity to invent a new planet that appears to be an exact duplicate of our earth, but it also envelopes this idea in a very indie-movie story of grief, secrets and guilt.


The Road Not Taken, Not Taken: 'Another Earth' | 19 Aug 2011 // 8:45 AM

This is a movie that raises a lot of interesting possibilities. It's only when they are bypassed for other, unimportant pay-offs that we grow weary of the title topic.

SXSW Film Festival Day 4: Another Earth and The Dish & The Spoon | 17 Mar 2011 // 12:10 AM

Another Earth is an absorbing sci-fi drama/romance that the less you know about, the better. If you were lucky enough to have seen Moon without knowing anything about it, this is like that.


'Another Earth' posits a parallel planet | 22 Jul 2011 // 2:46 AM

LOS ANGELES — It's the rare filmmaker who drops Schrodinger's Cat into everyday conversation. But Mike Cahill, the director and co-writer of the new science-fiction movie

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