Blue Caprice

The PopMatters Fall Movie Preview - September 2013 | 6 Sep 2013 // 2:02 AM

The preamble to Awards Season proper starts off with a collection of leftovers, a few failed tentpoles, some festival favorites, and at least two films centering on sex addiction and cannibalism. Now what does that say about September in general and specifically what Hollywood thinks you'll tolerate before the Oscar bait is unleashed?


'Blue Caprice' Is Not a Movie About Killing | 29 Jan 2014 // 1:00 AM

Tequan Richmond gives a chilling and authentic performance, with all the tenderness of youth, and all the brutality that resides in the darkest corners of the mind.

The DC Snipers Come Back to Haunt Us in 'Blue Caprice' | 30 Sep 2013 // 3:00 AM

In showing that Lee has a reason, a whole set of reasons, Blue Caprice doesn't excuse or even explain how the sniper came to this place.


"Father" and "Son": 'Blue Caprice' | 4 Oct 2013 // 10:00 AM

Thanks to his poetic approach and desire to evoke instead of explain, Moors makes Blue Caprice a sensational study in subtle psychopathology.

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Counterbalance: The Avalanches' 'Since I Left You'

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"Get a drink, have a good time now. Welcome to paradise, and read all about the 305th most acclaimed album of all time. An Australian plunderphonics pioneer is this week’s Counterbalance.

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