Breaking Bad

Lucifer Is Free to Roam: (In)Justice and Retribution in 'Hannibal' | 15 Oct 2014 // 10:00 PM

Hannibal, unlike much-hyped pulp revival shows like True Detective and Fargo, refuses to give its audience neat answers on matters of right and wrong.

Why Do We Feel So Good About Walter White's Bad Behavior? | 6 Oct 2013 // 8:15 PM

Like Walter White, we left Breaking Bad with a big smile on our faces. And that’s what was so bad about it.


Latin Music Is American Music | 28 Jul 2013 // 6:30 PM

For more than a century, immigrants—particularly those from Latin America—have helped forge the cultural identity of the United States. In so doing they've spiced up America's food and thankfully, its music, too.

Characters, Compounds, & the Study of Change in 'Breaking Bad: Season 3' | 8 Jun 2011 // 7:30 AM

Walter White didn't just wake up one morning and decide he'd spice up his life by cooking methamphetamine and muscling his way into a business with life-or-death stakes. It was a chain of events.


Frontier Masculinity and Desert Symbolism in 'Breaking Bad: The Fifth Season' | 6 Jun 2013 // 11:10 PM

Is Breaking Bad a critique of the devastating potential of frontier masculinity? Or is it itself a masculine fantasy? At this point, it seems that it wants to be both.

I Am the One Who Knocks: 'Breaking Bad: The Complete Fourth Season' | 18 Jun 2012 // 3:01 AM

Season Four of Breaking Bad is so flawlessly executed, relentlessly suspenseful, and powerfully intelligent that when the "greatest show of all time" tagline starts getting thrown about, it's becomes increasingly harder to ignore.


'Breaking Bad'-Style Cocktails and Chemicals | 12 Aug 2015 // 5:39 AM

Ever wanted to cook it up yourself, ala Walter White-style?

"Felina" Is One of the Best Episodes of 'Breaking Bad' | 3 Oct 2013 // 7:00 AM

"Ozymandias" may be Breaking Bad's crowing achievement, but "Felina" gave audiences what they wanted, and it's mercifully devoid of pandering.


Three Years After 'Breaking Bad', Bryan Cranston Still Hasn't Shaken Walter White | 19 Oct 2016 // 6:21 AM

The coldblooded meth kingpin turned out to be the role of Cranston's life.

Emmys 2014: For good and bad, it’s a ‘Breaking Bad’ night | 26 Aug 2014 // 7:51 AM

LOS ANGELES — In the spirit of Monday’s Emmy telecast let’s give it up for Seth Meyers. Hosting any awards show is a perilous


Watch 'Breaking Bad' 1995 Style | 19 Mar 2013 // 4:36 AM

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The Thoughtful Absurdity of 'Spaceplan'

// Moving Pixels

"Spaceplan is a goofy game that still manages to pack a potent emotional punch.

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