Burn Notice

The Guilty Pleasure TV Shows of 2011 | 11 Jan 2012 // 4:00 PM

Anthropomorphized food... insane soap opera creeepshows... and at least one example of the 'Unhappy Englander" on holiday. Must be time for the guiltiest of TV fare.


Straddling the Line Between Dark Drama and Light Comedy in 'Burn Notice: Season Four' | 6 Jun 2011 // 4:58 PM

Burn Notice carves out its own little niche as a fun, summer diversion and a solid, well-executed series all at once.

'Burn Notice' Still Sizzles in Third Season | 6 Jul 2010 // 11:42 PM

One of the more engaging aspects of the series is Michael’s voiceover explanations of spy tips and tricks. These crafty techniques are integral to training spies.


Cable's conquest: Basic and pay channels dominate the midseason arena | 18 Jan 2010 // 2:00 AM

Network shmetwork — we got cable! That's where the action is now — as in now, this midseason, with a dozen new dramas and comedies premiering in

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'Inside' and the Monstrosity of Collectivism

// Moving Pixels

"An ability to manipulate a collective is a hint at what a little boy's power as an individual might be.

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