Cop Out

The Worst Films of 2010 | 10 Jan 2011 // 4:00 PM

When Hollywood delivers the stink bombs, they are strident in their creative stench. Need proof? Just check out the ten titles below.


'Cop Out' Plays Good Movie / Bad Movie | 28 Jul 2010 // 5:00 PM

Kevin Smith has crafted a spoof comedy of the lowest caliber -- but for once, that’s a good thing.

Cop Out | 25 Feb 2010 // 10:00 PM

Cop Out is a snooze-fest in the action department, which means it's missing a key component of the cop-buddy genre it's supposedly saluting.


"Cop Out": Old Bible Stories / Modern Archetypes | 22 Apr 2010 // 11:30 PM

This hero-worship is some old rehashing of Bible stories- the absent omnipotent father who will act as the ultimate punisher, executioner and maker of the law, while still allowing the privileged kid to grow up in heavenly wealth and luxury.

'Cop Out' Is Conventional Contemporary Entertainment | 26 Feb 2010 // 1:00 AM

Kevin Smith's Cop Out is funny - at least some of the time. It is competently directed (don't think so - run over the oeuvre


'Cop Out' joins the lineup of buddy cop flicks | 22 Feb 2010 // 12:03 AM

Distilled to its manly essence, the cop-buddy movie — a la "Cop Out," which opens Friday — is about opposites not attracting: Two characters, almost always male,

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