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Downton Abbey


Sunday, January 12 2014

The Best Television of 2013

Perhaps the most stunning element of this years list is the lack of domination by the broadcast networks. In fact, there are more streaming and pay cable shows taking top honors than any Big Three offering. The future of the medium is here and now.

Tuesday, July 16 2013

Lady and the Dyke: The Queer Possibilities of ‘Downton Abbey’

The great house dramas, which mix nostalgia for archaic politics with rural prejudice, are a curious venue to explore queer history.

Wednesday, January 16 2013

The Best TV Shows of 2012

Thanks to imports and cable channel choices, the year in TV was very interesting indeed. Where else can classical detectives meet with their updated complements, or sullen 20-somethings smirk at their ancient societal/criminal betters? Oh, and don't forget squid.

Monday, February 6 2012

Mitt Romney Can Reside at Today's Proverbial 'Downton Abbey'... Newt Gingrich Cannot

Downton Abbey reveals not only the play of chance that often confounds choice, but the power of social class to confine choice within established boundaries -- and we're comfortable with that.


Monday, February 3 2014

Darkness Comes to 'Downton'

Season 4 of Downton Abbey is suddenly like the British aristocracy’s version of Breaking Bad.

Friday, November 1 2013

'Downton Abbey's Poor Relations

What's so captivating about Downton Abbey is that the servants are thrust into the forefront, wholly realized characters themselves and often the ones we care about most.

Sunday, January 27 2013

The (Un)Making of the English Aristocracy: 'Downton Abbey: Season 3'

Downton Abbey might not necessarily represent a perfect world, but it does assert a knowable one, and this provides refuge from the uncertainties that plague us in our everyday lives.

Saturday, November 24 2012

'Downton Abbey Revisited': Too Many Recaps

Cast interviews in Downton Abbey Revisited feature an appealing awareness of the occasional improbability of their characters and storylines, a point made clear by a slightly bemused Hugh Bonneville, who plays Robert Crawley.

Monday, September 24 2012

The Allure of the Tales of the Working Poor: 'Downton Abbey: Seasons One & Two'

No wonder the recession made popular a show about life in a mansion. The series allows audiences to fantasize about near-miraculous displays of wealth alongside the dreary life of those who sleep in tiny, dreary bedrooms in the massive place that is Downton Abbey.


Monday, January 28 2013

'Downton Abbey: Season 3, Episode 5': Let's Break Into a List to, You Know, Lighten the Mood

Serious business occurs in this week’s episode, and it doesn’t involve marginal progress in one of the lame stories, or a footman spilling something at dinner. No, this is about as good as the show gets, and it really is predicated on shocking you.

Monday, January 21 2013

Downton Abbey: Season 3, Episode 4

An episode that churns along well enough for the most part, and really marks a pivot-point in terms of the primary plot for the season.

Tuesday, January 15 2013

Downton Abbey: Season 3, Episode 3

As the overarching narrative of the season, the question of "How will we keep Downton Abbey?" is working far better than the WWI did last season, probably because it allows Fellowes to focus on the minor characters in a way that the galvanizing narrative pull of the war did not.

Tuesday, January 8 2013

Downton Abbey: Season 3, Episodes 1 and 2

While many critics argue that Americans are fascinated by Downton Abbey because of its fundamental Britishness, in other words because of how fundamentally different its sensibilities are from our own, I feel quite the opposite.


Sunday, January 5 2014

PBS' 'Downton Abbey' Begins 4th Season Jan. 5

The oldest of sayings is that you can’t avoid death and taxes. Both of those dominate the opening episodes of the new fourth season

Monday, January 7 2013

PBS Has a Genuine Hit on Its Hands with ‘Downton Abbey’

When asked about inspiration, Julian Fellowes doesn’t name-drop “Upstairs, Downstairs” or “Brideshead Revisited.” Instead he mentions “West Wing” and “ER,” two dramas jampacked with stories and characters.

Monday, July 23 2012

Hugh Bonneville and Shirley MacLaine talk ‘Downton Abbey’

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Just how far will a British gentleman go to support the man who dresses him? Hugh Bonneville, who plays the usually very

Tuesday, April 17 2012

‘No truth’ to reports of Maggie Smith leaving ‘Downton Abbey’

LOS ANGLELES — How much longer will the Dowager Countess of Grantham be hanging around Downton Abbey? That’s the question prompted by a report in

Wednesday, March 14 2012

Did NBC miss the boat on ‘Downton Abbey’?

PHILADELPHIA — Comcast Corp.’s NBC television network desperately needs more prime-time hits. But did it let one slip away? NBC passed on current cultural favorite “

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