Due Date

Part Three: November 2010 | 31 Aug 2010 // 4:00 PM

Things slow down considerably in the rush to Turkey Day, including the latest from Danny Boyle, the House of Mouse, and the always formidable Harry Potter.


'Due Date's' Dark Daze | 28 Feb 2011 // 3:00 PM

Todd Phillips' latest takes the best aspects of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and plunges them into the depths of black comedy.

'Due Date': Life is Weird, Isn't It? | 4 Nov 2010 // 10:50 PM

The ride in Due Date is not only the usual raucous escapade, with car crashes and run-ins with authorities, but also takes a turn toward what might be called Peter's dark side.


'Due Date': Road Rage Trip | 5 Nov 2010 // 1:00 AM

This is a sloppy Shakespearean tragedy, full of forced sound and fury, and in the end, signifying a wasted 90 minutes of movie stock nothingness.


Galifianakis approaches 'Due Date' with clean feet | 4 Nov 2010 // 1:30 AM

Developing a convincing emotional interplay between Galifianakis' self-delusional character — a skinny-jeans-wearing hipster who's mourning his father's recent death by carting his ashes cross-country in a coffee can — and Downey's father-to-be — a guy known to spit on dogs and punch children in fits of pique — would prove crucial to that effort.

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'Fire Emblem Heroes' Is a Bad Crossover

// Moving Pixels

"Fire Emblem Heroes desperately and shamelessly wants to monetize our love for these characters, yet it has no idea why we came to love them in the first place.

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