Edge of Darkness

Mel is Back and Still Wants Vengeance | 25 May 2010 // 4:59 PM

Can Mel Gibson's return in The Edge of Darkness trump Taken? It shouldn't have to try.

Edge of Darkness | 28 Jan 2010 // 11:20 PM

Tommy Craven (Mel Gibson) is mad. You know because he furrows his brow, stares into space, slams bad guys through walls, and shoots at oncoming cars without even thinking of ducking.


'Darkness,' Gibson get off to lukewarm start | 1 Feb 2010 // 8:00 AM

LOS ANGELES — Mel Gibson still has his fans, but after a long and controversial absence from the big screen, his overall appeal seems to have

After a long break, bruised but unbroken Mel Gibson tests himself and the public | 25 Jan 2010 // 12:40 AM

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Mel Gibson took a deep breath, shook his head and stared down at his palms. "I just can't do this. You've got

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Virtual Reality and Storytelling: What Happens When Art and Technology Collide?

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"Virtual reality is changing the face of entertainment, and I can see a future when I will find myself inside VR listening to some psych-rock while meditating on an asteroid.

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