Can Television Be a Solution to Hollywood's Diversity Problem? | 18 Feb 2015 // 9:30 PM

We are living in the second Golden Age of Television, and not just because the writing is so good: TV is where we can tune in for real diversity.


Empire: Season 2, Episode 3 - "Fires of Heaven" | 9 Oct 2015 // 6:15 AM

Empire, has always been chess match played in a flamboyant, Machiavellian style, but this episode’s moves were so clearly telegraphed that it’s hard to admire them.

Empire's Latest Episode Promises More than Just Gags | 2 Oct 2015 // 5:10 AM

The second episode of Empire's second season gives audiences more of what they came for: narrative, character development, and strained relationships.


Why 'Empire' Rules Network TV and You Should Pay Attention to This Show | 31 Aug 2015 // 6:50 AM

Empire is the first one-hour network drama with a predominantly black cast to get a second season order.

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Con Brio: The Best New Live Band in America?

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"There’s a preciousness to McCarter and the rest of the mostly young band. You want to freeze the moment, to make sure they are taking it all in too. Because it’s going to change.

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