Fantastic Mr. Fox

'I’m Not the Fox I Used to Be': Wes Anderson’s Changing Seasons | 29 Jul 2014 // 9:14 PM

Far from style over substance, Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox fixates over objects to show its protagonist's inability to handle the oncoming winter.

The Best 30 Films of 2009 | 7 Jan 2010 // 4:00 PM

In one of the rarest rating periods ever, several on the staff could successfully argue for any of the Top 30 choices as a potential number one. While not all classics, they remain the consistent cream of 2009's crop.


"Fantastic Mr. Fox' is One Cussin' Fantastic Film | 10 Mar 2014 // 3:00 AM

Like Roald Dahl, Wes Anderson seems to have a twisted desire to expose the fallacies of adulthood through the innocent yet knowing eyes of children.

Fantastic Mr. Fox | 22 Mar 2010 // 5:00 PM

Wes Anderson movies are always about the little details -- the wallpapers, the ties -- and stop-motion animation itself is nothing if not an amalgam of millions of little details.


Wes Anderson meets Roald Dahl in 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' | 20 Nov 2009 // 12:33 AM

"Quirky." "Eccentric." "Whimsical." Critics trot out the synonyms for "playful" and "odd" when talking about Wes Anderson. A 40-year-old director of wistful character comedies peopled

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"The 2017 Global Citizen Festival's message for social action was amplified by Stevie Wonder and many other incredible performers and notable guests.

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