Green Zone

Everyone Lost: Protest Art and the Iraq War | 7 Mar 2013 // 4:30 PM

While people were killing and dying, what did it matter whether there were decent songs being sung, insightful films being produced, appropriate art being inspired? When did poetry ever stop a war?


Green Zone | 11 Mar 2010 // 10:15 PM

Green Zone makes no pretense that it is offering anything other than hopeful, thrilling revisionism.


A Return to Redundancy: Green Zone (Blu-ray) | 18 Jun 2010 // 8:01 AM

This is chaos by the numbers, well acted and efficiently edited, but doing little more than rattling our reality before sitting back to sell us an already known bill of goods.

Enter this 'Zone' at Your Own Risk | 12 Mar 2010 // 4:00 AM

By now, it's a given that we went to war in Iraq under the questionable directives of some equally suspect intelligence. Saddam had nothing to


Separating fact from fiction in Iraq war films | 25 Mar 2010 // 9:55 AM

Familiarity is not necessarily the friend of the Iraq moviegoer. As the Los Angeles Times' foreign editor from 2002-08, I visited Baghdad before and after

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The Romantic Nightmare in Alfred Döblin's 'Bright Magic'

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"The stories in this collection are circular, puzzling; they often end as cruelly as they do quietly, the characters and their journeys extinguished with poisonous calm.

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