Hell on Wheels

'Hell on Wheels': Race and Reconstruction in the Old West | 24 Jun 2012 // 5:05 PM

Between former soldiers from both sides of America's deadliest war, prostitutes, immigrants, freed slaves, lost preachers, and Native Americans, there’s no shortage of stories to tell, and in just ten episodes Hell on Wheels embraces them all to varying degrees but with equal insight.

'Hell on Wheels' Raises the Inevitable Question... At What Price Progress? | 5 Nov 2011 // 11:00 PM

Hell on Wheels is a railroad town where residents yearn for home and are haunted by their pasts.


New AMC drama ‘Hell on Wheels’ examines post-Civil War America | 3 Nov 2011 // 10:58 PM

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. — It might seem strange that AMC, a cable network exalted in recent years as a home for cutting-edge television, would hitch its

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Exposition Dumps Don't Need Dialogue in 'Virginia'

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"Virginia manages to have an exposition dump without wordy exposition.

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