House of Cards

The Best Television of 2014 | 5 Jan 2015 // 8:20 PM

In 2014, we let Russian spies, biker gangs, Silicon Valley techies, and existentially frustrated detectives into our living rooms. As these 25 picks reveal, we had good reasons for doing so.


'House of Cards: Season 3': Sic Semper Tyrannis | 9 Jul 2015 // 2:00 AM

Although the political stakes have never been higher with Francis Underwood as (shudder) President, this series’ personal drama keeps narrowing, to its detriment.

Robin Wright Makes 'House of Cards: Season Three' Shine | 2 Mar 2015 // 3:15 AM

Its plotholes are not as obvious as they were in Season Two, but Season Three's real strength lies in Clarie Underwood, and her journey makes the best case for House of Cards' staying power yet.


"We're in a Very Gray Area": Looking Back on 'House of Cards', Chapter One | 15 Oct 2014 // 4:00 AM

House of Cards might be gearing up for its third season, but the very first episode of the series is the most telling indication of how Netflix is helping television break new ground.

The 2013 Primetime Emmy Nominations Prove the Future is Now | 18 Jul 2013 // 5:20 AM

Even while it mostly stands pat, Emmy’s surprise acknowledgment of Netflix original programming heralds mainstream success for a new broadcasting model.


Is Netflix building a 'House of Cards' in original programming? | 18 Mar 2011 // 4:30 AM

LOS ANGELES — Netflix's growth strategy may be built on a house of cards, literally. In a shift, the home entertainment company is in advanced negotiations

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Violin Virtuoso L. Subramaniam Mesmerizes in Rare New York Performance (Photos)

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"Co-presented by the World Music Institute, the 92Y hosted a rare and mesmerizing performance from India's violin virtuoso L. Subramaniam.

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