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Tuesday, January 11 2011

The Best Films of 2010

Among this year's winners include a fake documentary, a comedy about Jihad, a vampire story NOT dealing with tacky tween romance, a haunting hillbilly noir, and an elegant tale about clones. Not necessarily the usual cinematic suspects.

Sunday, January 9 2011

Head Trips and Virtual Life in the Films of 2010

Many of 2010's best triumphed not by rejecting the artifice or fantasy of filmmaking or gaming or dreaming, but by hopping between worlds, ever beginning.

Wednesday, January 5 2011

The Best DVDs of 2010

As the medium continues to struggle with significance in the steady "streaming" of the 21st Century, here are PopMatters' picks for the best the format(s) have to offer.

Tuesday, January 4 2011

The Best Female Film Performances of 2010

The ladies really lit up the big screen, delivering the kind of brilliant acting work that makes picking a mere 20 that much more difficult, let alone unearthing a clear number one.

Thursday, July 15 2010

We Built Our Own World: Hans Zimmer and the Music of 'Inception'

Zimmer reveals why he brought along Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr for the Inception soundtrack, how his relationship with Nolan works, and why the music was inspired by both David Bowie and mathematician Roger Penrose.


Monday, December 6 2010

'Inception': The Burden of Dreams

As visual storytelling goes, very few films released this year compete with the ambition and realization of Inception's nested dream-spaces.

Thursday, July 15 2010

'Inception': With a Vengeance

It's too easy to see not only that Mal is trouble, but also that Dom will walk right into that trouble she is.

Wednesday, July 14 2010

'Inception': Lost in the Labyrinth, Where Minotaurs Multiply

Christopher Nolan's new film is part heist caper, part Jungian fugue-state, where dreams stack up inside each other like Russian nesting dolls.


Tuesday, January 25 2011

Finally Getting It? The 2011 Oscar Nominations

The 2011 Oscar Nominations, with indications that, for once, the Academy might have figured out what truly was/is the Year's Best.

Tuesday, December 14 2010

G(OMG)lden Gl(OMG)bes: Thoughts on the 2011 Nominations

The 2011 Golden Globe Nominations have been announced and with them comes another bout of jaw dropping at the expense of The Hollywood Foreign Press Corps.

Tuesday, August 31 2010

Dream State: The Best/Worst Films of Summer 2010

Our choices for the Top Five Best/Worst films of the flawed 2010 summer movie season.

Monday, August 9 2010

Perceptions Part 1: Why 'Inception''s Success Is Not a "Gamers vs. Geezers" Debate

It's bloggers vs. the artform blue bloods... and the inmates are overrunning this particular aesthetic asylum.

Thursday, August 5 2010

Sowing Ideological Seeds

What if the specter of invasive identity manipulation is an excuse to avoid confronting the more insidious problem of our own collusion with the culture industry in shaping an acutely limited self?


Wednesday, February 23 2011

The Oscars: Fresh story ideas a tough sell in Hollywood

LOS ANGELES — David Seidler first sparked to the idea of writing a movie about the life of King George VI in 1980. A stutterer himself, he

Tuesday, January 4 2011

'Black Swan,' 'The Fighter,' 'Inception' and 'Social Network' garner WGA noms

LOS ANGELES — A few surprises made their way into the Writers Guild of America awards nominations Tuesday morning, which included nods for a surreal film

Wednesday, August 11 2010

Grand dreams indeed, but only in some forms

Everybody has an opinion about "Inception," and mine comes in the form of a question: Why are the movie's architectural settings, for the most part,

Wednesday, August 11 2010

Lighten up, Leo: Next time, a comedy or a romance

LOS ANGELES — Is it just me, or does it seem as if Leonardo DiCaprio's acting career has somehow lost its way in the seventh level

Tuesday, August 3 2010

The Age of 'Inception': Gamers Get It, Geezers Don't

If Inception plays especially strongly with a young audience, it's probably because they instinctively grasp its narrative density best, having grown up playing video games.

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