John Carter

Building the Perfect Bomb: The Numbers Behind Box Office Flops | 12 Jul 2015 // 9:30 PM

The biggest "box office bombs" of all time, much like the biggest hits, are not always the ones you're expecting them to be.


Pulpy Thrills and First-Rate Eye-Poppery: 'John Carter' | 19 Jun 2012 // 6:05 PM

In order for Star Wars, Superman or Avatar to have happened, Edgar R. Burroughs’ John Carter stories had to happen first.

'John Carter' is a Boys' Adventure | 8 Mar 2012 // 10:30 PM

John Carter finds on Barsoom an audience who wants to believe in him.


Get 'Carter': 'John Carter' (Blu-ray) | 8 Jun 2012 // 8:00 AM

There are many problems with John Carter...and none of them are on the screen.

Battle-Bomb! | 4 Jun 2012 // 1:00 AM

Audiences, offering their instant reactions like water to a dehydrated media monster, fuel a sometimes lethal word of mouth that can sink a movie before it even has a chance to play.


Taylor Kitsch puts the ‘John Carter’ disaster behind him | 18 May 2012 // 6:35 AM

LOS ANGELES — Three days after Walt Disney Studios said it would incur a $200-million loss on “John Carter,” the film’s star, Taylor Kitsch, was

Hollywood flop sweat: What caused the latest box-office duds? | 22 Mar 2012 // 7:35 AM

LOS ANGELES — What do A-listers Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Michael Mann, David Milch and Andrew Stanton have in common as of late? If you said

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Jerry Lewis - GENIUS!

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"In the wake of Jerry Lewis' passing, we revisit this article from 2009 highlighting the legendary comedian's movie-making.

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