Films Facing Reality in 2012 | 13 Jan 2013 // 7:00 PM

The only movie of 2012 that makes a strong case for America being a cohesive social body with moral purpose binding it together is Lincoln. For those keeping track, that film is set 147 years ago.

The Best Male Film Performances of 2012 | 8 Jan 2013 // 5:10 PM

From diabolical tech terrorism to brutal slave ownership, the actors that make up this year's best traversed a wide canvas of creative and cinematic choices.


You Can't Escape Your Future or Your Past | 14 Mar 2013 // 6:10 PM

In storytelling, the past dictates the future. Plots are laid out like traps that our heroes inevitably fall into. And we, watching Bruce Willis in Looper, or reading of Dream in The Sandman, are thus fated, as well.


You Can't Escape Your Past -- or Your Future: 'Looper' | 31 Dec 2012 // 3:30 AM

Rian Johnson's Looper owes as much to Shakespeare as it does to classic sci-fi: if we know our fate, everything we do to prevent it will only succeed in causing it to come crashing down on us.

In 'Looper', Bruce Willis Goes Back in Time | 28 Sep 2012 // 12:24 AM

Here's the rub, as Looper presents it: loops exist because of memory, and forgetting is the only way even to think about change.


Best Original Screenplay: 'Looper' | 18 Dec 2012 // 4:00 AM

Is the Top 10 mention really enough to get Looper into the Best Picture race with the likes of Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, Argo, and Zero Dark Thirty?

Prepare to Be Thrown for a 'Looper' | 27 Sep 2012 // 4:02 AM

Once you envision how ridiculous the Tinseltown version of this tale would be, what director Rian Johnson accomplishes is all the more special.


Back to the past: ‘Looper’ reinvents the time-travel genre | 25 Sep 2012 // 4:35 AM

MIAMI — Before he made his debut with “Brick,” his award-winning 2005 film noir set in a high school, director Rian Johnson already had the idea for “

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