The 40 Best Films of 2011 | 22 Jan 2012 // 3:00 PM

2011 was a year of good, not necessarily great, films, though the amazing choices by our staff might argue against such a overall cinematic classification.

The Best Male Film Performances of 2011 | 17 Jan 2012 // 3:00 PM

In another strong year, crime and punishment take on heart and heroism for the right to be called 2011's best male film acting work.


'Moneyball', Like Baseball, is About More than Just Baseball | 27 Feb 2012 // 3:00 PM

How could a movie present such dense material and interest general audiences? With the help of a few key players, of course.

'Moneyball' Shows What You Can Tell | 23 Sep 2011 // 12:35 AM

Moneyball makes visible the love of baseball as a game and a business, and as a mathematical system, the one devised by Bill James and a few other hardy souls, toiling in basements and on their lunch breaks.


The Bad News Statisticians: 'Moneyball' | 23 Sep 2011 // 7:00 AM

There’s an ugly and unromantic truth behind Bennett Miller’s baseball stats semi-comedy Moneyball that it acknowledges and then dances away from.

'Moneyball': By the Numbers | 23 Sep 2011 // 2:00 AM

You'll laugh quite a bit at Moneyball, snickering at the absurdity of the situations and the often more ridiculous responses. What you might not do is care.


‘Moneyball’ is old showbiz | 27 Sep 2011 // 5:35 AM

One of the biggest misconceptions about the book “Moneyball,” the Michael Lewis bestseller about the low-budget Oakland A’s’ pathway to baseball success, is that

A slimmed-down Jonah Hill goes for the money(ball) | 26 Sep 2011 // 3:35 AM

SAN FRANCISCO — Actor-writer Jonah Hill is a double-threat talent with a decidedly unthreatening presence. Hill, 27, reached prominence as a stubbled, curly-haired and foul-mouthed part of

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Exposition Dumps Don't Need Dialogue in 'Virginia'

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"Virginia manages to have an exposition dump without wordy exposition.

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