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The Best TV Shows of 2012 | 16 Jan 2013 // 4:10 PM

Thanks to imports and cable channel choices, the year in TV was very interesting indeed. Where else can classical detectives meet with their updated complements, or sullen 20-somethings smirk at their ancient societal/criminal betters? Oh, and don't forget squid.

The Best Television Shows of 2011 | 10 Jan 2012 // 3:00 PM

The small screen offers up the usual suspects, proving once again that, with a few exceptions, what's good on today's prime time schedule will stay that way until the next best-of list.


'New Girl' Is Going Nowhere | 30 Apr 2013 // 12:30 AM

As someone who’s yet to eat whatever ergot is making everyone idolize Zooey Deschanel, my feelings toward her range from indifference to mild anxiety. I don’t want to stare longingly into her half-dollar-sized eyes; I find them unsettling.

Do You Love or Hate Zooey Deschanel? 'New Girl: The Complete First Season' | 5 Nov 2012 // 4:10 PM

Being focused on Jess, the whole show takes on a seemingly passive-aggressive defiant position by saying: This is who I am, take me or leave me.


The Plight of 'Secondary Sex' | 5 Jun 2014 // 2:08 AM

On TV and in the movies, there's no time after the "first time'".

Zoey Deschanel is Adorkably Delicious | 12 Jul 2013 // 2:00 AM

How long can Zoey Deschanel's quirk-laden loveability maintain its charm over audiences?


Twee time: Can we stop the sweet? | 30 Nov 2011 // 12:35 AM

We need to talk about twee. Twee is pervasive, genteel and hard to bear, pixie-haired, wide-eyed and precocious. Twee is also out of hand, and

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