Prime Suspect

The Best DVDs and Blu-rays of 2013 | 18 Dec 2013 // 9:14 PM

As home video spins off into various immediate options -- streaming, simultaneous theatrical and digital release -- there are still many gems to uncover in the increasingly obsolete format.

Part 4 - Feasts from the Fringe | 10 Oct 2007 // 6:00 PM

Cable created supply where there was little or no demand. Out of the myriad of subject specific programming, a few gemstones managed to shine.


This Is a (Wo)Man's World -- Prime Suspect: The Complete Collection | 14 Sep 2010 // 5:00 PM

The best thing about Prime Suspect is the density of it all, how we get beneath Tennison's skin to experience her desperation, her despair, and her desires.


'Prime Suspect' Manages to Dash All High Expectations | 22 Sep 2011 // 1:05 AM

With the cards so loaded against Jane as a woman, she quickly becomes a caricature, a throwback to the strident Ms. dreamed up by men in the '70s and '80s.


Prime Suspect: The Complete Collection | 10 Dec 2010 // 3:20 AM

Prime Suspect: The Complete Collection [$124.99]


A prime series from Britain leads the week's DVD releases | 7 Sep 2010 // 12:26 AM

New boxed sets for two British TV programs — one an acclaimed police drama, the other a recently broadcast science documentary — are on our DVD radar

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Fave Five: Mike Scott of the Waterboys on Keith Richards

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"The Waterboys ambitious new double-album culls a lot of inspirations, but Mike Scott is happy to expound upon one of the key ones: Keith Richards and his most badass moments.

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