The Best Films of 2010 | 11 Jan 2011 // 4:00 PM

Among this year's winners include a fake documentary, a comedy about Jihad, a vampire story NOT dealing with tacky tween romance, a haunting hillbilly noir, and an elegant tale about clones. Not necessarily the usual cinematic suspects.


'Restrepo': In the Valley of Death | 10 Jan 2011 // 4:00 PM

In Afghanistan, US soldiers chase -- and are chased by -- the ghosts of 9-11.

'Restrepo': I Get Nervous For the Guys | 28 Nov 2010 // 8:50 PM

As the war in Afghanistan goes on and on, more and more veterans will be processing such memories, enduring regrets, and especially, finding ways to live.


In Memoriam: Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros | 25 Apr 2011 // 12:00 AM

Restrepo re-airs on the National Geographic Channel tonight.

'Restrepo' Airing on National Geographic Channel Tonight | 2 Feb 2011 // 1:02 AM

The Oscar-nominated documentary Restrepo airs on National Geographic Channel at 8pm ET, 2 February.


Life Imitates Art in 'Restrepo' | 27 Jun 2010 // 4:44 AM

LOS ANGELES — At times the way in which life imitates art becomes surreal and so it is with "Restrepo." This intimate and visceral new documentary

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In Defense of the Infinite Universe in 'No Man's Sky'

// Moving Pixels

"The common cries of disappointment that surround No Man’s Sky stem from the exciting idea of an infinite universe clashing with the harsh reality of an infinite universe.

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