Essential Film Performances - 2012 Edition Part Eight | 26 Jun 2012 // 6:15 PM

PopMatters follows up our hugely popular 100 Essential Female and Male Performances feature and 2010 update with 50 additions to the essentials list. Part eight features Richard Pryor, Ryan O'Neal and more...


How 'Scarface' Went From Pariah to Populist in One Amazing Movie | 6 Sep 2011 // 1:15 AM

Oddly enough, some 30 years later, few remember the thousands that came to our shores from Castro's Communist house cleaning, but few have forgotten the movie that immortalizes it... Scarface.

'Scarface' School Play (video) | 31 Mar 2010 // 2:59 AM

The cult of Scarface has been known to permeate many corners of our society. Dorm rooms, Spencer's Gifts, and Spike TV "best of" lists are


The movie ‘Scarface’ is revered nearly 30 years later | 30 Aug 2011 // 6:15 AM

PHILADELPHIA — The movie year is 1983. The Oscar contenders include “The Big Chill,” “Yentl,” “Silkwood.” The winner is “Terms of Endearment.” Across the country, all the


'Scarface' School Play (video) | 31 Mar 2010 // 2:59 AM

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The Bubblegum Noir of ‘2064: Read Only Memories’

// Moving Pixels

"Read Only Memories is a bubblegum-happy, brooding and brutal noir about kidnapping, murder, corruption, revenge, and corporate conspiracies.

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