Shrek Forever After

2010 Summer Movie Preview - May | 2 May 2010 // 5:00 PM

May blasts the summer season off with two mega-movies, Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood, while offering up yet more Shrek and Sex and the City.


'Shrek Forever After': It's Getting Pretty Stale | 20 May 2010 // 11:54 PM

Though it's jumped on the 3D bandwagon, the fourth Shrek is almost surprisingly clunky and old.


Weezer Covers "I’m a Believer" for 'Shrek' | 26 May 2010 // 3:10 AM

Isn’t it great when a band you love covers a song you love... and does it well? There are at least 22 different versions of “


Early lessons of the summer movie season | 7 Jun 2010 // 12:34 AM

Everything in Hollywood is accelerated. Fame comes faster. Wealth comes faster. Sex comes faster. And, in some cases, failure comes faster. Since most people learn

'Shrek Forever After' takes in an estimated $71.3 million | 24 May 2010 // 2:23 AM

LOS ANGELES — One-hundred-million-dollar mega-openings are now long ago and "far, far away" for Shrek and pals. "Shrek Forever After," the fourth and purportedly final chapter

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'Knee Deep' Has a Great Setting That Ruins the Game

// Moving Pixels

"Knee Deep's elaborate stage isn't meant to convey a sense of spatial reality, it's really just a mechanism for cool scene transitions. And boy are they cool.

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