Land of Soap and Glory: An Ode to British TV | 17 Nov 2015 // 9:30 PM

If you type the word “doctor” in the Wikipedia search box, “Doctor Who” appears ahead of “doctorate”. Now that’s cultural relevance for you.


The Audacious Trust of Teens in 'Skins: Volume Four' | 23 Jan 2011 // 4:00 PM

With its propulsive, kinetic and unpolished tone, Skins breathes new life into a genre that has always threatened to suffocate itself, and elevated the art of teen melodrama in the process.

Skins: Vol. 1 | 3 Feb 2009 // 3:00 PM

Frank sexuality, open drug use, and incessant swearing mark this as different from a typical teen drama.


Why the Parents Television Council Is Wrong About 'Skins' | 9 Feb 2011 // 1:00 AM

Yes, Skins is a raw depiction of what teenagers get up to when their parents aren't paying attention, but what exactly makes it a broadcast version of the Apocalypse?


MTV, again behaving badly: 'Skins' relies on showing sex and drug use for its own sake | 17 Jan 2011 // 10:26 PM

From the beginning, which is to say Charles Dickens, stories revolving around the lives of children and adolescents often shared a similar theme. Facing adversity,

For 'Skins' remake, MTV linked with a site for unsigned artists | 3 Jan 2011 // 2:30 AM

LOS ANGELES — When it came time to select a theme song for MTV's upcoming adaptation of the hit British teen drama "Skins," the network wanted

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Stevie Wonder Takes a Knee as Green Day and Others Also Speak Out at Global Citizen Festival

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"The 2017 Global Citizen Festival's message for social action was amplified by Stevie Wonder and many other incredible performers and notable guests.

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