Terminator Salvation

Summer of Same: May 2009 | 26 Apr 2009 // 5:00 PM

May's titles include the fourth films in two aging franchises, more Pixar perfection, and the reboot of a TV series from 40 years ago. And they say there are no new ideas.


Terminator Salvation | 13 Dec 2009 // 3:58 PM

Terminator Salvation:The future begins? The future might have been better left a looming threat.

Terminator Salvation | 20 May 2009 // 10:35 PM

It's late in Terminator Salvation when Arnold Schwarzenegger makes his much-hyped non-appearance.


Fourth 'Terminator' Fumbles the Franchise | 20 May 2009 // 11:00 AM

A Terminator movie is not a Terminator movie without a Terminator acting as the threat.

Terminator Salvation: Humanity's Eve of Destruction … Again | 20 May 2009 // 7:10 AM

Salvation, as dirty and battle-scarred as it might look, is a much more optimistic piece of work. In this more straightforward telling, good seems much more likely to prevail, as does the continuation of the series.


Like 'Terminator,' film franchises will be back | 18 May 2009 // 1:22 AM

It's been six years since "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" hit the nation's multiplexes, but with a three-picture domestic gross of nearly $400 million, there was

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