The A-Team

2010 Summer Movie Preview - June | 3 May 2010 // 5:00 PM

After May's gangbusters' start, June settles down with The A-Team, Toy Story 3, and more Twilight.


'The A-Team': When No One Else Can Help You With Your Problem | 12 Jan 2011 // 3:59 PM

A group of '80s TV soldiers of fortune get a big budget, big screen adaptation in 2010.

'The A-Team' Is a Cynical '80s Retread | 11 Jun 2010 // 12:30 AM

The A-Team is a cynical film that only trusts the audience to follow the most simplistic plot, it arbitrarily switches tones, assuming no one will care.


Let's Get Physical: Casting Choices on 'Nikita' | 1 Oct 2010 // 4:00 AM

Actors often talk about bringing an emotional authenticity to the characters they play. A physical authenticity should also be required if the part involves a weekly round of fighting off scary Russian operatives or shady government spies who know jiu jitsu.

The A-Team: Flying Tanks and Jolly Rangers | 11 Jun 2010 // 2:50 AM

When the A-Team find themselves plummeting to earth in an M-1 tank, using the cannon to slow their descent, it would take a heart of stone not to find some spark of giggly enjoyment.


'The A-Team' approach: giving TV shows new life on film | 7 Jun 2010 // 1:45 AM

Several years ago, Yahoo polled 1,000 TV viewers and asked them what classic show they'd like to see revived. The surprise winner was a program that

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Con Brio: The Best New Live Band in America?

// Notes from the Road

"There’s a preciousness to McCarter and the rest of the mostly young band. You want to freeze the moment, to make sure they are taking it all in too. Because it’s going to change.

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