The Big Bang Theory

'Silicon Valley's' Humor Is Smart, and Assumes Its Viewers Are Too | 12 Jan 2016 // 8:00 PM

Unlike the other "geek-themed" series, The Big Bang Theory, Silicon Valley finds its humor in its geeky characters, rather than at their expense.


'The Big Bang Theory' and the Rise of the Pathologically Nerdy in Sitcom TV | 20 Aug 2013 // 5:30 PM

In The Big Bang Theory, men of the knowledge economy find themselves at the top of a power ladder, which in no way represents the old torments of the schoolyard.

Murder, They Watched: Are the French Obsessed with American Crime Drama? | 21 Aug 2012 // 5:15 PM

Why are there so many American police procedurals on French TV? Is it because French women have a massive crush on David Caruso? This and other hypotheses come to mind...


'The Big Bang Theory' Season Four Premiere | 22 Sep 2010 // 10:10 PM

The real target of The Big Bang Theory's satire is the arbitrary, self-serving stupidity of mainstream culture.

The Big Bang Theory | 23 Sep 2007 // 8:00 PM

The Bang Theory's translation of Beauty and the Geek to a sitcom format is not nearly fresh.


Stephen Hawking works his comedic chops on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ | 8 Apr 2012 // 11:35 PM

LOS ANGELES — Stephen Hawking may have an impeccable understanding of space-time, but his comedic timing is pretty good too. At least that’s according to

Audiences are noticing Johnny Galecki, and now the Emmys and Globes are too | 8 Feb 2012 // 2:35 AM

LOS ANGELES — Johnny Galecki seeks to be average. The star of “The Big Bang Theory” is seated outside a small Hollywood restaurant, talking about his

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Trickle Down Corruption in 'This Is the Police'

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"In a world of hitmen, snitches, mobsters, murderers, terrorists, rapists, rioters, bombers, thieves, and serial killers, your greatest enemy is your boss.

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