The Dark Knight Rises

Catwoman Is Not Catwoman in 'The Dark Knight Rises' | 25 Sep 2012 // 10:40 PM

Catwoman does not exist. By the end of The Dark Knight Rises we see, what could be, the end of Batman. And in a future without Batman, Selina becomes the rebound girl for a man who just dumped his alter ego…

Reflections on the Revolution in Gotham: Of Burke and Batman | 20 Sep 2012 // 6:14 PM

Amidst the wheezing voice of Bane and the thunderous roar of the Batpod, The Dark Knight Rises offers a quiet reminder to cherish the important and enduring things in life, and to remember one’s obligations to friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens.


In Defense of Film Critics Who Didn't Like 'The Dark Knight Rises' | 23 Jul 2012 // 6:15 PM

Love it or hate it, The Dark Knight Rises isn't worth the type of outlandish responses received in light of the movie's initial reviews.


Batman's Bad Day(s): 'The Dark Knight Rises' | 2 Dec 2012 // 5:10 PM

Batman has always been the Dark Knight. His origins are in an alleyway, his story is essentially a vengeance narrative that explores obsession, totemistic fascination with symbolism, and near madness.

'The Dark Knight Rises': Into the Pit and Out | 20 Jul 2012 // 1:05 AM

Bane comes at Batman with a prodigious force and bloody fury, premised on the fact that he is built to deliver the hero's punishment and thus his motivation for rising.


No Love for a 'Dark Knight' Yet Again | 16 Jan 2013 // 5:00 AM

Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise has terrible awards luck. Ben Travers asks why...

In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Money Matters | 10 Aug 2012 // 2:00 AM

Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film shows the inhabitants of Gotham wrestling with issues of the real world, namely: money, class, and power.


In China, Hollywood blockbusters face off on same days | 29 Aug 2012 // 3:35 AM

LOS ANGELES — China is rolling up the red carpet for Hollywood. Just six months after Chinese and American leaders reached a new agreement allowing more

In wake of Aurora massacre, should ‘Dark Knight’ campaign for Oscar? | 6 Aug 2012 // 2:35 AM

LOS ANGELES — Time Warner Chief Executive Jeff Bewkes made the company’s first public comment on the commercial prospects of “The Dark Knight Rises” on

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