The Dick Van Dyke Show

The Best DVDs and Blu-rays of 2013 | 18 Dec 2013 // 8:14 PM

As home video spins off into various immediate options -- streaming, simultaneous theatrical and digital release -- there are still many gems to uncover in the increasingly obsolete format.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Nostalgia for the '60s in TV | 9 Feb 2011 // 3:00 PM

The early-'60s -- Mad Men time -- has become a source of endless fascination in popular culture. Timothy Ledwith investigates the many uses of nostalgia.


Ottoman Not Included: ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show: The Complete Series’ | 14 Jan 2013 // 11:10 PM

It’s only fitting that one of the best television comedies of all time followed the misadventures of a comedy writer. With The Dick Van Dyke Show now on Blu-ray, the adventurous, clever series seems better than ever. And that’s no joke.


The Mad Man and the Comedy Writer: Two Sides of the American Dream | 15 Oct 2010 // 5:00 AM

If The Dick Van Dyke Show's Rob Petrie represents the ideals of American manhood, Mad Men's Don Draper represents a descent into the American nightmare.

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That Ribbon of Highway: Sharon Jones Re-shapes Woody Guthrie's Song

// Sound Affects

"Sharon Jones and Woodie Guthrie knew: great songs belong to everybody.

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