The Killing

When "Good" TV Goes Bad: Five (Out of Many) Flaws of 'The Killing' | 12 Jun 2012 // 7:06 PM

Deep into Season 2, the problems with AMC's The Killing are rich and varied in their depth and breadth... here are five.


'The Killing': Still Murky and Still (Mostly) Smart | 1 Apr 2012 // 2:20 AM

Imagining the worst -- whatever that can be -- Sarah persists with her work while trying to be a mother to a child who's becoming a man.

Sadness Like Shrapnel: 'The Killing: Season One' | 21 Mar 2012 // 6:00 PM

With all the televised murder being screened night after night, it’s the rare mystery that returns episode after episode to the human element, and death’s emotional fallout.


Feeling Burned By 'The Killing' | 22 Jun 2011 // 3:15 AM

We stuck around for the whole season, got our hopes up when things improved in the last few episodes, and this is the way it ends? Ugh. Spoilers abound, of course.

The Top 5 Suspects in AMC's 'The Killing' | 3 Jun 2011 // 2:00 AM

It's the most elaborate whodunit in recent television history, and 10 episodes in we still don't have a prime suspect. Who is it? Your guess is as good as mine.


AMC treads carefully as it opens the second season of ‘The Killing’ | 29 Mar 2012 // 2:35 AM

LOS ANGELES — After last year’s season finale of “The Killing” generated howls of indignation, the show’s blindsided creative team began worriedly plotting to

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