The Mindy Project

The Best TV Shows of 2012 | 16 Jan 2013 // 4:10 PM

Thanks to imports and cable channel choices, the year in TV was very interesting indeed. Where else can classical detectives meet with their updated complements, or sullen 20-somethings smirk at their ancient societal/criminal betters? Oh, and don't forget squid.


'The Mindy Project': A Day Out | 25 Feb 2013 // 11:00 PM

The lesson Mindy learns here is not the obvious one, say, that her fantasy is false. Instead, the episode turns into a broader commentary on such romcom fantasies.

Mindy Kaling's Show, 'The Mindy Project', Needs Work | 24 Sep 2012 // 5:20 PM

The Mindy Project begins with a voiceover from Mindy, relating her lifelong love of romantic comedies, and how it's colored her worldview to look for exactly the right person.


Quick, Before It's Gone: Should Networks Cancel Shows Early? | 23 Oct 2014 // 5:00 AM

When broadcast networks rapidly cancel new shows, it undermines their own efforts to reach out to audiences and make quality programming.


Landing 'The Mindy Project' Could Be Another Boost for Hulu | 8 May 2015 // 3:43 AM

Hulu is gearing up to launch some original programming that boasts big names.

TV’s minority report is not making the grade | 10 Oct 2012 // 5:35 AM

MINNEAPOLIS — Last time you went to a clinic, chances were good that your primary doctor was of South Asian descent — unless you happened to check

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Violin Virtuoso L. Subramaniam Mesmerizes in Rare New York Performance (Photos)

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"Co-presented by the World Music Institute, the 92Y hosted a rare and mesmerizing performance from India's violin virtuoso L. Subramaniam.

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