The Simpsons

Part 3 - The New Networks | 9 Oct 2007 // 5:00 PM

It would never work... no one challenged the reigning broadcast junta and survived. No surprise then that the upstarts snuck in and changed the face of TV forever.


The Simpsons, 'Radio Bart' Part 2: 'Ace in the Hole' and Jessica McCllure | 14 Feb 2010 // 2:59 PM

'Radio Bart' may not offer any solutions, but it manages to compress an extraordinary amount of media history, compassion, manipulation and cynicism into a sharp, quick and funny 20-minutes or so.

The Simpsons, 'Radio Bart' Part 1: Floyd Collins and Kathy Fiscus | 3 Feb 2010 // 3:00 PM

'Radio Bart' draws on 70 years of media history to position itself in that uneasy mix of altruism, morbid curiosity and callous self-interest.


'The Simpsons: The Complete Thirteenth Season': A Habit That's Hard to Shake | 2 Sep 2010 // 4:00 PM

At the time, the early-season showrunning transition from Mike Scully to Al Jean seemed more important than it does in retrospect.

The Simpsons: The Complete Twentieth Season | 28 Jan 2010 // 2:59 PM

The hit-and-miss quality would be a lot more interesting with greater context coming from the commentaries or retrospectives sorely lacking from this commemorative yet empty set.


'The Simpsons’ Gleeful Commentary on the Dark Side of the Arts | 7 Oct 2010 // 12:00 AM

The Simpsons neatly bursts Glee’s bubbly premise that the arts are the lifeblood of society, and freedom to be oneself is a guaranteed human right.

The Simpsons: The Complete Twelfth Season | 18 Dec 2009 // 12:00 AM

The Simpsons: The Complete Twelfth Season - Twentieth Century Fox [$49.98]


Don't Be Cross. Cross Over. | 10 Nov 2014 // 6:29 AM

Sometimes it's not enough to watch one television show. It drags you into another. Yes, we are talking about crossovers, where characters from one program

The Simpsons' not-so-little helper | 5 Nov 2010 // 5:30 AM

It is a doorstop, a cornerstone, the foundation piece in a great wall of geekdom. It is the Internet in convenient book form, shamelessly bidding

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'Fire Emblem Heroes' Is a Bad Crossover

// Moving Pixels

"Fire Emblem Heroes desperately and shamelessly wants to monetize our love for these characters, yet it has no idea why we came to love them in the first place.

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