The Walking Dead

The Good, the Bad, and the Moral: An Exploration of Ethical Questions in the Gaming World | 10 Oct 2012 // 5:14 PM

Modelled after the introversion of the comics on which it’s based, The Walking Dead tries to deal more with exploring the human condition rather than bathing in the fantasy of a zombie apocalypse.


The Walking Dead Season Two, Episode 2 | 31 Mar 2014 // 1:20 AM

Clementine is an 11-year-old girl in an incredibly hostile world, and often her only tool to aid in her survival is language. Escaping danger, saving lives, condemning others are all based on the careful application of words.


A Mea Culpa for The Walking Dead's Kenny | 13 Mar 2015 // 1:00 AM

Thanks to Kenny and Lee, when the two seasons of The Walking Dead video game are considered together, they become an argument between parents over how to survive.

Considering the Two Seasons of 'The Walking Dead' Video Game | 16 Dec 2014 // 2:52 AM

The first season of Telltale's The Walking Dead earned widespread critical praise, mainstream public appreciation, and a bevy of game of the year awards in 2012. Two years later, The Walking Dead Season Two has received a somewhat more muted reception.

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Violin Virtuoso L. Subramaniam Mesmerizes in Rare New York Performance (Photos)

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"Co-presented by the World Music Institute, the 92Y hosted a rare and mesmerizing performance from India's violin virtuoso L. Subramaniam.

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