Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Reconsidering the Oliver Stone Filmography | 24 Sep 2010 // 1:20 AM

As Oliver Stone's update to the Wall Street hits theatres, PopMatters is taking a look back at select works by the influential and thought-provoking director.

The Fall of the Oliver Stone Empire: A Director and His Critics | 24 Sep 2010 // 1:15 AM

Until 2004, Oliver Stone could never be accused of shying away from anything. Once he did, the critics pounced.


Watch Out for the Moral Hazard in 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' | 16 Jan 2011 // 3:59 PM

The only thing more fun that Gordon Gekko, Master of the Universe is Gordon Gekko the Underdog, trying to sleaze his way back to the top. Unfortunately, this is not that story.

'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps': Mother of All Evil | 23 Sep 2010 // 11:21 PM

This being Oliver Stone's long-gestating, self-important sequel to Wall Street, Jake will be learning some harsh life lessons.


Greed...Is Dull - 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' | 24 Sep 2010 // 1:15 AM

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is the kind of movie Stone could set-up in his sleep...and a lot of the time, it looks like he did.

Gekko as Hero? Hell NO! | 21 Sep 2010 // 12:01 AM

Gekko isn't really the kind of noted nasty you love to embrace. Instead, he's everything that's bad in our current economic downturn. He's the target of a Michael Moore documentary, a running gag for Bill Maher's politically incorrect vivisection of the times.


'Wall Street' beats 'Guardians' at the box office | 27 Sep 2010 // 3:37 AM

LOS ANGELES — For the second weekend in a row, it was experience over youth at the box office, as a film aimed at adults defeated

Director is premiering a sequel to his 1987 hit 'Wall Street,' and the timing couldn't be better | 18 May 2010 // 1:30 AM

CANNES, France — Addressing reporters at the Cannes Film Festival on Saturday, filmmaker Oliver Stone was rattling off a series of facts and figures about the

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