Yellow Submarine

The Best DVDs and Blu-rays of 2012 | 31 Jan 2013 // 5:10 PM

From classics to contemporary television, the typical titles and the surprising outsider choices, the year in home video was just as divisive, and delightful, as the rest of our meaningful media.

Nothing is Real: The Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' | 11 Nov 2009 // 4:00 PM

The Yellow Submarine exists. It’s not a mirage, or a mind game. Someone, inspired by the Beatles, built the Yellow Submarine, and it exits to this day.


Animation Never Said It Wanted a Revolution, but It Got One With the Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' | 2 Jul 2012 // 6:10 PM

When it debuted, Yellow Submarine wonderfully captured the essence of the Beatles while revitalizing feature animation in the process. Thanks to its long-awaited release on Blu-ray, every one of us now has all we need.


It's All Too Much...Almost: 'Yellow Submarine' (Blu-ray) | 15 Jun 2012 // 8:00 AM

It's an acid head trip without the brain damage, a detour into a part of the '60s which believed that sight and sound could cure the world.

It's All Too Much: Robert Zemeckis' Proposed 'Yellow Submarine' Remake | 20 Aug 2009 // 1:01 AM

Honestly, who wouldn’t love to see Pepperland rendered in three high resolution dimensions? Wouldn’t it be great to see the unlimited imagination of the modern artistic freely unleashed within an ‘anything is possible’ paradigm?


Relaunching ‘Yellow Submarine’: Beatles-inspired classic out in restored version | 22 Jun 2012 // 1:35 AM

MIAMI — When the Beatles-inspired “Yellow Submarine” was released in 1968, its promoters linked it to classic myths and landmark tales of fantastic voyages such as the “

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