Monday, Jan 25, 2010
by PopMatters Staff
by Kliph Nesteroff
WFMU's Beware of the Blog (17 January 2010)

“The Jay Leno Show, both the show itself and the network’s decision what to do about it, is just the most recent poster child of late night carnage. Previous late night car wrecks included The Magic Johnson Show, The Pat Sajak Show and The Chevy Chase Show2. However, the biggest late night talk show calamity in history was one that, after all the gouged out eyeballs were counted, left the most casualties. It was the most expensive late night talk show ever made and certainly the longest. It starred comedy’s most polarizing figure and could only sustain itself three months.”

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Authenticity Issues and the New Intimacies

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"The social-media companies have largely succeeded in persuading users of their platforms' neutrality. What we fail to see is that these new identities are no less contingent and dictated to us then the ones circumscribed by tradition; only now the constraints are imposed by for-profit companies in explicit service of gain.

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