Sunday, Apr 25, 2010
by PopMatters Staff
by Rob Walker
The New York Times Magazine (19 April 2010)

The New York Times examines the resurgence of cassette tape culture following essays on the topic recently from both PopMatters and Pitchfork.

“Over the last couple of years, sales of vinyl records increased; the numbers aren’t huge, but they sparked a lot of public musing about the format’s qualities. Cassette sales, meanwhile, steadily dwindled to a mere 34,000 last year through the retail venues tracked by SoundScan. Considering this not long ago, I concluded that the romance associated with vinyl doesn’t apply to its longtime analog rival. I was wrong about that. In looking (and asking) around online, I realize now that there is extensive evidence of ongoing appreciation for the cassette — or at least the idea of the cassette.”

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