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Monday, Jul 11, 2011
by PopMatters Staff
by Tom Cheshire
Wired (4 July 2011)

“Right now, he is crouched on top of a pile of crates, covering the entrance to a sandy courtyard with his rifle. Sättermon stays there, still, for a long while: he knows that somewhere in this dusty maze, three terrorists are looking for him. He can’t wait any longer: he jumps down from the boxes, hurls a flashbang ahead of him and sprints into the courtyard, scanning left and right for movement. He reloads and cocks his M16 in less than a second, one-handed. A grenade flies back at him. There’s a dull thud and smoke fills his field of vision. Sättermon rushes the corner anyway. A waiting terrorist, in balaclava and body armour, leaps straight up at him. The rifle crack is fast and brittle. The edge of Sättermon’s vision thumps red: he wheels clumsily and drops to the floor, and then he sees his own body from above. The crimson on his blue-suited corpse deepens, quickly staining the tawny ground.”

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