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Wednesday, Aug 10, 2011
by PopMatters Staff
by George Fetherling
Geist (2011)

“Don Stewart is the neat, smooth proprietor of a rather unkempt and chaotic bookstore, where leisurely browsing is addictive and almost mandatory…. Don Stewart, the owner of MacLeod’s Books in down­town Vancouver, takes cof­fee most morn­ings at the Caffè Buongiorno on the north­west cor­ner of Pender and Richards streets. He always sits at the same table, fac­ing the door. This way he can keep an eye on the entrance to his place of busi­ness across the way. Sometimes he will jump to his feet and tear across Richards if he sees some­one enter­ing the shop who’s best dealt with by him and not his staff: a wealthy out-of-town col­lec­tor, say, or a talking-to-himself addict with trou­ble writ­ten all over his face. Or some lively but bedrag­gled polit­i­cal pam­phle­teer. Or any of the famous authors to be found there when they hap­pen to be in town: the travel writer Paul Theroux, for exam­ple, or Barbara Kingsolver, the nov­el­ist and essay­ist, or Simon Winchester, the author of The Professor and the Madman.”

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