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Sunday, July 12 2009

IKEA Is As Bad As Wal-Mart

— Stephanie Zacharek (Salon, 12 July 2009)
Filed in: Consumerism

Scandinavian Crime Wave

— Nathaniel Rich (Slate, 8 July 2009)
Filed in: Literature

On the Offensive

— Dennis Lim (Slate, 9 July 2009)
Filed in: Film | Gay/Lesbian Culture

Saturday, July 11 2009

The Dark Knight of American Empire

— Randolph Lewis (Jump Cut, March 2009)
Filed in: Film | Politics & Government

John Cassavetes: The First Dogme Director?

— Angelos Koutsourakis (Bright Lights Film Journal, February 2009)
Filed in: Film

Fifteen Years of French Cinema

— André Bazin (Bright Lights Film Journal, May 2009)
Filed in: Film

Friday, July 10 2009

How Historical Fiction Went Highbrow

— Jay Parini (The Atlantic, May 2009)
Filed in: History | Literature

Queer Performance, Youth and YouTube

— Ron Gregg (Jump Cut, March 2009)
Filed in: Cyberculture & New Media | Gay/Lesbian Culture
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Boston Underground Film Festival 2017: 'Hounds of Love'

// Short Ends and Leader

"The captivity narrative in Hounds of Love explores the depths of a grisly co-dependence.

READ the article