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Tuesday, August 3 2010

Plus-Size Wars

— Ginia Bellafante (The New York Times Magazine, 28 July 2010)
Filed in: Consumerism | Fashion | Feminism | General Culture

Saturday, July 10 2010

Wednesday, June 9 2010

Renaissance Fair: Lilith Fair Is Back, But Do We Still Need It?

— Shani O. Hilton (The American Prospect, 3 June 2010)
Filed in: Culture Industry | Feminism | Music | Performing Arts

Tuesday, May 11 2010

Friday, February 19 2010

Exile from Grrrlville

— Sara Marcus and Marisa Meltzer (Slate, 11 February 2010)
Filed in: Feminism | Music

Wednesday, January 20 2010

Feminism: What Went Wrong?

— Cassandra Jardine  (Telegraph, 12 January 2010)
Filed in: Feminism

Wednesday, January 6 2010

Can Anybody Make a Movie for Women?

— Daphne Merkin (The New York Times Magazine, 15 December 2009)
Filed in: Feminism | Film

Monday, October 5 2009

The Bitch (Magazine) Is Back

— Danielle Maestretti (Utne Reader, September 2009)
Filed in: Feminism | Mass Media

Thursday, August 6 2009

Girls Gone Wild: How Feisty Females Took Over Pop Culture

—  Julia Keller (Chicago Tribune, 5 July 2009)
Filed in: Feminism | Film | General Culture | Television

Thursday, July 23 2009

Invisible Girl’s Quest for Visibility: Early Second Wave Feminism and the Comic Book Superheroine
— Laura Mattoon D'Amore (Americana: The Journal of American Popular Culture, Fall 2008)
Filed in: Comics | Feminism
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Gremlins and the Housewife in 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark'

// Short Ends and Leader

"The house itself wants to pull the neurotic woman into its maw and absorb her whole as a literal housewife.

READ the article