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Serious Comedy in 'South Park: The Stick of Truth'
The Stick of Truth represents the best of what South Park offers: satire with sincerity. [17.Apr.14]
'The Blind Swordsman' Teaches How to See Video Games More Clearly
The Blind Swordsman at first might seem like madness, a video game without an essential component of the video game, the video part. [16.Apr.14]
The String Arcade
This isn't an exercise in nostalgia or recognition, but a journey into new territory. [16.Apr.14]
How Bad Games Can be Good
It is valuable sometimes to look at something broken to see how well it could work. [15.Apr.14]
Moving Pixels Podcast: Another Hand of 'Hearthstone'
This week we play a few hands of Blizzard's collectible card game, Hearthstone, while considering its place in the free-to-play gaming landscape. [14.Apr.14]
This isn't an exercise in nostalgia or recognition, but a journey into new territory. [16.Apr.14]
While it is true that a mystery loses all interest once it is explained, it is also true that continually implying something significant without providing a payoff can render it meaningless. [13.Apr.14]
LUFTRAUSERS excels by offering balance in its mechanics and majesty in its presentation. [04.Apr.14]
Year Walk ritualizes the acts of exploration, gathering data, and solving puzzles because it recognizes that within those acts lie the ability to lay bare meaning and significance. [02.Apr.14]
Clementine is an 11-year-old girl in an incredibly hostile world, and often her only tool to aid in her survival is language. Escaping danger, saving lives, condemning others are all based on the careful application of words. [31.Mar.14]
By Erik Kersting
Generally speaking, gamers aren't big fans of escort missions. Yet, Yoshi's New Island and the rest of the Yoshi's Island series doesn't seem concerned with that, as the entire game is an escort mission. [27.Mar.14]
Line of Defense’s lack of ambition harms it in the end. It’s the gift card you give a distant cousin on their birthday. It’s the free coffee you get with an oil change, appreciated for what it is but quickly forgotten. [25.Mar.14]
Strider in 2014 isn't just fun. It feels relevant[23.Mar.14]
The game's Berlin based expansion adds quite a bit to the game: new tile sets, weapons, enemies, and other additions to expand the game's toolbox. It also adds a storyline that doesn't follow the mold of the first installment of Shadowrun Returns. [20.Mar.14]
By Erik Kersting
Predictably, reviews of Dark Souls II have, as usual, revolved around its difficulty. However, what reviewers often ignore is the compelling qualities of the game's plot. Just like its combat, Dark Souls II does not spoon feed the player its story. [19.Mar.14]
The decision to take an approach to the story that leaves it clipped and juvenile at best and utterly unintelligible at worst is the most egregious of the game's many poorly-designed elements. [16.Mar.14]
You’re not rewarded for getting through a level without dying, but you’ll strive for it nonetheless purely for aesthetic reasons. Failure just isn’t graceful. [13.Mar.14]
From The Blogs
Moving Pixels
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream argues that there's no such thing as a true villain, just people who have been wronged and have the power to exact revenge. [25.Mar.14]
Gears of War is not about narrative. It's about gut instinct. Pure, primal, primitive emotion. It paints on a big canvas, and uses thick brushstrokes, but the result is an unfiltered, expressionistic roar. It's just like a newborn baby. [23.Feb.14]
Moving Pixels
Free-to-play game developers are playing a game of their own. The object of that game is to gain ownership of your time. [18.Feb.14]
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