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Taking Inventory in 'Earthbound'
Any traveler can relate to Earthbound's emphasis on mundane items and limited space, especially those with sinus infections. [5.Mar.15]
Moving Pixels Podcast: Dispelling the 'Shadow of Mordor'
Shadow of Mordor tells a very stupid story, but we can't stop playing it. [4.Mar.15]
The Narrative Games of IndieCade East 2015
A few indie developers got to show off their works in progress to me at IndieCade East 2015, including Knee Deep, Liege, and Moonshot [3.Mar.15]
'The Guilt and the Shadow': Very Dark Fluff
The Guilt and the Shadow is more of a tone poem than a puzzle game. [2.Mar.15]
'Valiant Hearts' Struggles Between Adventure and Documentary
Valiant Hearts wants to show us that war isn’t caused by super villains, and their defeat changes nothing in the grand scheme of things. However, the presence of a super villain in the story still detracts from the harsh reality the game wants to explore. [27.Feb.15]
The Guilt and the Shadow is more of a tone poem than a puzzle game. [02.Mar.15]
By Eric Swain
Max wants to make friends, survive high school, and impress her famous photography teacher to jump start her art career, the kinds of human and relatable stories not often seen in video games. [24.Feb.15]
Blackguards 2 makes it feel good to be bad, but being bad also comes with a lot of responsibility. [23.Feb.15]
The zombies here aren't monsters, they're just another kind of terrorist. [20.Feb.15]
Players of the Dreamfall Chapters may find that more than a little research is necessary to enjoy the game's finer points. [13.Feb.15]
By Marshall Sandoval
Several jokes in Citizens of Earth expose the Vice President of the Worlds’s exaggerated love of bureaucracy. Too bad the game is sometimes as much fun as cutting through red tape. [09.Feb.15]
While it's definitely a bit more difficult than I was expecting, the difficulty of Satellina is fair when the game is behaving itself. [06.Feb.15]
Oddly enough, a remake of the original game, Resident Evil HD Remaster, actually feels like the next big evolutionary leap for the series. [27.Jan.15]
In Telltale's version of Game of Thrones, you play the parts of people who themselves are playing parts. Each one is not playing the game of thrones, they are pieces in the games of others. [26.Jan.15]
Things are funnier when they go terribly wrong. [12.Jan.15]
Mixed Media
By Todd Martens
The Order: 1886 wants to be a popcorn flick as badly as it does a video game. [03.Mar.15]
From The Blogs
Moving Pixels
Assassin's Creed: Unity highlights the difficulty of influencing social change from the shadows. [17.Feb.15]
Moving Pixels
The dream of creating photorealistic video games seems odd to me when considering the medium itself, especially in contrast to other artistic mediums. [21.Jan.15]
My Muppet Show is the Orpheus myth. You just have to swap out Orpheus for me; Eurydice for a frog; a lyre for a cartoon banjo; and Hades for the iTunes store. [15.Jan.15]
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