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Action Games Are About Escalation, Not Reduction
We grow over the course of Battlefield: Hardline, not so much as a character, but as a performer. [17.Apr.15]
Self-improvement Through 'Bloodborne'
Next time you think about eating an entire tub of ice cream, try taking a stroll to Oedon Chapel. [16.Apr.15]
One Arrow, One Shot, One Hit, One Life, One Kill
Titan Souls requires of its player only one thing: perfection. [15.Apr.15]
'Valiant Hearts': The Unneeded Narrator
In the midst of all this human drama is the narrator, lavishing us with needless exposition. [14.Apr.15]
Moving Pixels Podcast: 'The Cat Lady' and the Terror of Loneliness
The Cat Lady is a game that is interested in the horrors of grappling with depression and anxiety, despite its often horror-movie-inspired presentation. [13.Apr.15]
Yeah, the manic murder fantasy playground of Borderlands gets more subtle moments of humanity than the grand tragedy of Telltale's catalog, The Walking Dead. [06.Apr.15]
Morningstar plays like a Star Trek episode that forgot to add in a moral message about the nature of humanity at the end. [27.Mar.15]
Disorder doesn't know how to balance its gameplay with its story or its art with its gameplay. It's a game whose individual pieces work well on their own, but when mixed together, they only break what was in the beginning a pretty fun game. [23.Mar.15]
Game of Thrones is giving us something different in the adventure game genre. We are finally engaging with intrigue. [09.Mar.15]
The Guilt and the Shadow is more of a tone poem than a puzzle game. [02.Mar.15]
Max wants to make friends, survive high school, and impress her famous photography teacher to jump start her art career, the kinds of human and relatable stories not often seen in video games. [24.Feb.15]
Blackguards 2 makes it feel good to be bad, but being bad also comes with a lot of responsibility. [23.Feb.15]
The zombies here aren't monsters, they're just another kind of terrorist. [20.Feb.15]
From The Blogs
Moving Pixels
Shadow of the Colossus begins as a game about a hero rescuing a princess, but by the end, there are no heroes and there are no princesses. [31.Mar.15]
Moving Pixels
Valiant Hearts challenges the barbaric connotations of the appellation “the dogs of war” by making a dog, the only creature blind to the “essential” identity markers of nationalism and language, the hero. [16.Mar.15]
Jazz Today
Two unique jazz phenoms of the Reagan '80s -- tapping guitarist Stanley Jordan and falsetto scatting legend Bobby "Don't Worry, Be Happy" McFerrin -- are back. [11.Mar.15]
Moving Pixels
Assassin's Creed: Unity highlights the difficulty of influencing social change from the shadows. [17.Feb.15]
By Ciarán Ó Muirthile
Every generation has attempted to preserve the most important pieces of its art. It should be just the same with computer games, but often it is not. [09.Apr.15]
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