Backwards Compatibility is the Only Way Forward

Backwards Compatibility is the Only Way Forward

By Ciarán Ó Muirthile

10 Apr 2015 // 1:20 AM

Every generation has attempted to preserve the most important pieces of its art. It should be just the same with computer games, but often it is not....

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'Papers, Please' and the Bureacracy of Play

By Timothy Kennett

30 Sep 2014 // 1:14 AM

Lucas Pope's "bureaucracy simulator" both satirizes our information culture and reveals just how much we love mundane, everyday tasks....

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Fans Get Early Glimpse of 'Star Wars' Video Game>

Want to play with lightsabers? Those are here. Want to shoot a blaster like Han Solo? You can do that. Want to pilot an X-Wing? Of course that’s a possibility....

'The Order: 1886' Is Ambitious, But Game’s Convoluted Plot Muddles Its Message>

Bugs and Heists Will Make Or Break ‘Battlefield Hardline’>

‘That Dragon, Cancer’ brings a serious real-life ordeal to gaming>


'Herald' Attempts the Troubled Waters of the Colonial Narrative

// Moving Pixels

"The “colonialism” at play is not between nations, rather it seems more interested in how it influences a man recently come of age.

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